The intention of the co-founder

I’m just like other typical women that has never-ending passion on finding ways to get good skin no matter how old I am. However, the more we age, the more we grow into some special responsibility. For me, I’m a working woman in daytime and try my best to be a wonderful mom & wife in nighttime. While enjoying this life mission, it uses up all my time & energy that I can only manage to 1) not fall asleep during my face wash at the end of the day and 2) to get dressed and out the door fast in the morning. Obviously, those kinds of skincare products that need delicate routine don’t work for me! I’ve tried to discover products and brands that best match my lifestyle and preference, but it’s not that easy. One reason is that I often look for the one that can also be used by my 78-year-old mom as well, who is easily allergic to substances.

This life situation brought me to collaborate with two pharmacists, altogether seeking for the right skincare formula. It needs to be effortless to apply, fast absorb by skin cells, not leaving skin sticky, and impressive skin rejuvenation result. After years of trials and errors, we discovered this current formula that my 78-year-old-easily-allergic mom can safely use and gets better skin.

After applying this formula of MOAGE Serum for a year, I am now gain my confidence back that I can quit applying foundation on my face. Got my healthy facial skin back (even I lack of sleep someday, my face is still not so mess). MOAGE Serum might be not a magic thing that can make you look younger or better skin in 3-7 days, but I am confident that it is worthwhile and potentially solve that problems of people who want to rejuvenate their face and neck skin from the inside out.

``Rejoice and confident, not over-aged skin - just 1 minute with MOAGE serum every day.``